International Students


Nau mai haere mai ki matou kura.

Welcome to Hope School.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Hope School - you will find us on the corner of Paton Road and Aniseed Valley Road between Richmond and Wakefield. We are 'home' to about 60-80 enthusiastic children aged 5 to 11 years, and a team of high achieving educators and support staff.

Hope Students are welcomed at Hope School from countries throughout the world. Hope School is a small country school with about 60-80 students. We are a 5 minute drive from the Richmond town centre.

Why choose Hope School?

Our school is well equipped with technology including a mix of computers, Chromebooks and iPads.

Our small size ensures all our staff know every child and their family personally. Our small size and our supportive community create a strong sense of family. We are located just two kilometers from the outskirts of Richmond on the corner of Paton Road and Aniseed Valley Road. We provide our international students and their families with a very personalised learning experience.

We have spacious and attractive grounds with well maintained buildings, a fabulous playground, a solar heated swimming pool (for the summer months) and modern classrooms. Our school also has a multi purpose space that is used as a library, a space for small groups to work in and as a school hall.

We are highly regarded by our community and we value diversity and equity. We are committed to achieving excellence in learning and wellbeing. For further information, please contact our school office.

Heoi ano,

Freya Hogarth


International Study at Hope School

As part of your stay at Hope School we provide:

  • A comprehensive and personalised orientation programme for you

  • Provide a full assessment of your language skills after your arrival in New Zealand

  • Involve you and your parents in a goal setting interview in March

  • Provide reports on your progress in July and December for you and your parents

  • Provide on-going support and pastoral care, and refer you to other agencies who can assist you as needed (e.g. counselling, advisory group for special needs, cultural support, translation services, etc.)

  • Facilitate an introduction to the Nelson International Students Association (NISA) which includes international students from other schools and offers a variety of social and sporting activities and provides you with the opportunity to meet other international students from other Nelson schools.

Enrolment Applications

International students are entitled to apply to enroll at Hope School if they are aged between 5 and 11 years. International families are encouraged to make contact with our school as soon as they think their child might attend our school since it will help our planning processes. This involves filling out a enrolment application form and returning it to the school office.

If a place is available for your child at our school you will receive an "offer of place" letter to confirm your place. This is also a requirement for a student visa application, if you require a student visa. Students are entitled to enroll for up to three months on a standard visitor's visa.

Enrolment Formalities

Once your child's place has been confirmed there will be some additional administration to be completed, this includes:

  • Completion and signing of a tuition agreement

  • Copies of the student's birth certificate, passport and visa/permit details

  • Parent's full names and addresses

  • Parents' passport and visa/permit details, including passport expiry date and visa/permit type and expiry

  • Evidence of travel/medical insurance details

  • Designated caregiver passport and visa/permit details, including passport expiry date and visa/permit type and expiry

  • Emergency contacts (including list of cultural support people available who speak the student's first language)

  • Current address, accommodation type, and contact phone numbers

  • Contact details for a suitable person in the student's home country

  • Health information, e.g. medical notes, allergies

  • Fee protection and refund policy (signed by parent or designated caregiver)

  • An ICT student agreement

  • An Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) permission form

School Visits - school visits are also an option for international students before their enrolment begins. These can be arranged with the school after your arrival in New Zealand.


Hope School charges the following fees for international students. All fees are shown in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and are GST inclusive.

Administration fee $250 (non-refundable)

Tuition Fees $270 per week

Upon full or part-payment of fees, the school issues a receipt that can be forwarded to Immigration New Zealand in support of an application for a student visa.

Additional fees

There may be additional fees for extra services, such as:

  • extra English language lessons

  • out-of-school music lessons and instrument hire

  • additional stationery

  • sports uniform

  • class visits and activities.

Complaints & Disputes

We will work hard to ensure your child and your family's have a very positive experience at Hope School. If something does go wrong, we have a thorough complaints policy that provides clear guidelines for the school community in raising and resolving concerns and complaints.

We have procedures in place that we follow to ensure that complaints are handled appropriately. Our procedures enable us to:

• maintain the best learning environment for our students

• resolve matters of concern early, if possible

• respond to feedback and concerns constructively

• deal with complaints fairly, effectively, and promptly

• take into account individual circumstances

• maintain confidentiality

• preserve school/community relationships and communication

• monitor and record complaints and concerns about student safety.

Most complaints can be resolved informally by discussions with the people concerned. Ask for our Guidelines for Informal Complaints. The school also has a procedure for making a formal complaint if informal discussion doesn't resolve the issue.

For complaints concerning harassment, see our Harassment policy. For allegations of theft or fraud, see Theft and Fraud Prevention policy.

All our policies can be viewed on our policy website , to logon you will need to enter the username (hope) and password (paton).

If your complaint is not resolved through our school's internal complaint procedures, you can contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), who will process their complaint .