Reporting to Parents/Caregivers

Hope School reports to parents regularly on the progress of their child.

Reporting methods include:

  • "Meet the Teacher" evening

An after school meeting with parents/whānau at the beginning of each year for all year levels to share class routines, expectations, and other general class information.

  • Building partnership interviews

Held with parents/whānau at the beginning of each year for all year levels.

  • Learning conferences

Optional conferences with students and their parents/whānau in term 2 to discuss mid-year progress reports.

  • Written reports

Each child receives two written reports each year. Children in years 1-6 receive a mid-year (term 2) and an end-of-year (term 4) progress report. New entrants (year 0 and children starting year 1 in term 1) will receive a 6 week "settling into school" report and depending on when they start school they may also receive a mid-year and/or end-of-year report.

  • Seesaw

This is an online sharing platform for students, teachers, and parents to share learning as it happens with parents, caregivers, and extended whānau.

  • Celebrations of learning

An opportunity for students to share their learning with parents through oral, written, and visual presentations.

  • Informal parent interviews

Parents are welcome to arrange a time with the class teacher to discuss their child's progress at school.