At Hope School we use a range of strategies within our classes to cater for dyslexic children.

The type of things you will see in our class programmes are:

  • Motor skills programmes to build left and right brain thinking.

  • Lots of multiple sensory learning occurring (visual, kinesthetic and aural) in all areas of schooling.

  • Clear logical ordered instructions given to students.

  • Teacher talk- slowed down.

  • Learning intentions in written and verbal form.

  • Extra thinking /processing time given to these students.

  • Minimal board copying.

  • Use of black or dark markers (avoiding green or red)

  • Plenty of pictures, diagrams, real objects, videos, internet and mind maps used to aid understanding of new concepts.

  • Lots of 'show' not 'tell' .

  • Computer programmes as a tool.

  • Filters for reading.

  • Plenty of 'hands on' word and letter work eg. make words/letters out of play dough, in the sandpit, creating pictures with chalk outside etc

Please note this list is by no means complete nor is it a compulsory plan that all teachers must use at all times. Instead, it is a list of strategies that are already known to help these students achieve their personal goals. We are always trying new ways and initiatives to aide in the learning of these and all children.