International Study

International Study at Hope School

Why choose Hope School?

Students are welcomed at Hope School from countries throughout the world. Hope School is a small country school with about 80-100 students. We have spacious and attractive grounds with well maintained buildings, a fabulous playground, a solar heated swimming pool (for the summer months) and modern classrooms. Our school also has a multi purpose space that is used as a library, a space for small groups to work in and as a school hall. Hope School is well equipped with technology including a mix of computers, Chromebooks and iPads.

Our small size ensures all our staff know every child and their family personally. Our small size and our supportive community create a strong sense of family. We are located just two kilometers from the outskirts of Richmond on the corner of Paton Road and Aniseed Valley Road.

As part of your stay at Hope School we provide:

    • A comprehensive and personalised orientation programme for you

    • Provide a full assessment of your language skills after your arrival in New Zealand

    • Involve you and your parents in a goal setting interview in March

    • Provide a report on your progress in July and December for you and your parents

    • Provide on-going counselling and pastoral care, and refer you to other agencies who can assist you as needed (e.g. ESOL coordinator and advisory group for special needs)

    • Facilitate an introduction to the Nelson International Students Association (NISA) which includes international students from other schools and offers a variety of social and sporting activities and provides you with the opportunity to meet other international students from other Nelson schools.